Fabric Reception Counters in Toronto: How to Choose One for Your Next Trade Show

Fabric Reception Counters Toronto

November 11, 2022 |by sdg-admin

Fabric Reception Counters in Toronto: How to Choose One for Your Next Trade Show

There are several different types of fabric reception counters, including fabric pop-up ones, which can be used in conjunction with fabric backwalls. Modular displays also utilize fabric to create fabric reception counters. You can review our wide selection.

Your budget will largely determine which type of fabric reception counter you choose. Size and the ease of set up and transportation also being deciding factors.

Here we list and compare your fabric reception counter options.

Let’s get started.

Different Types of Fabric Counters Readily Available from Tradeshow Booth Direct

Fabric counters come in various materials, sizes, and price points.

1. Fabric Pop-Up Counters

Fabric PopUp Counters Toronto

Fabric pop-up counters are often chosen because they are simple to install, dismantle, and transport. They are also popular as their cost is low.

The Hopup Counter is currently one of the most popular fabric pop-up counters on the market. In recent years a backlit version called the Embrace has become popular. You can review our line of fabric pop-up counters.

2. Podium Fabric Reception Counters

Podium fabric reception counters are lightweight aluminum tubular structures. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the dye-sub printed fabric functions as the counter covering.

3. Modular Fabric Reception Counters

Modular fabric reception counters often have aluminum profiles and are used mostly as our modular display backwalls. These fabric reception counters make for a stylish and functional family-oriented accessory for our wide selection of modular displays. You can review our modular counters.

4. Custom Fabric Reception Counters

Custom reception counters are fabricated from a hybrid selection of materials, including aluminum, wood, and Plexiglass. They often break down flat for transport in a hard shell case. They tend to be much heavier and can cost several thousand dollars.

5. Backwall Integral Fabric Counters

Backwall integral fabric counters are smaller and usually limited in functionality. They primarily provide support to the backwall and give it a shelving function.

6. Stand-Alone Fabric Reception Counters

fabric backwalls

All our fabric reception counters can and are often sourced for use as all-in-one stand-alone display reception counters.

7. Fabric Backwalls

Fabric backwalls are a unique collection of sophisticated, ergonomically-designed 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 30ft-wide backwalls and exhibit kits. We combine high-quality pillowslip-style fabric graphics with advanced lightweight aluminum tube structures. These displays provide the perfect combination of form, sophistication and function.

These portable displays are available in four collections, including tension fabric backwalls in straight, curved, and serpentine shapes. The designer series offers an upgrade and is designed to offer more choices, shapes, and combinations. Finally, our Modulate model takes the tension fabric economy to another level. A series of 14 individual banner kits can be used in various combinations, resulting in a line of 10’, 20’ and 30’ inline displays

We have a wide variety of fabric reception counters and fabric backwalls. Please take a moment to review all our fabric display products. You’re sure to find one suitable for your next trade show.

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