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Indoor Hanging Banners: Which Is Best for Your Toronto Trade Show Needs?

Indoor hanging banners Toronto

June 12, 2023 |by sdg-admin

Indoor Hanging Banners: Which Is Best for Your Toronto Trade Show Needs?

Indoor hanging banners are a great way to attract attention for your business at your next Toronto-area trade show. To that end, Tradeshow Booth Direct offers a complete line of indoor hanging banners in four general categories – Basic, Economy, Premium and Custom.

That means we have indoor hanging banners to meet a variety of needs. You may want an indoor hanging banner that will project your brand name at a trade show without having to spend a lot. In that case, our Basic or Economy models will fit your requirements. On the other hand, you may want a larger indoor hanging banner that offers more visual impact or even a unique shape. Our Premium or Custom indoor hanging banners are available for that need.

In this post, we explore in detail the various categories of indoor hanging banners found in the Toronto market, including their many benefits.

Let’s get started.

4 Categories of Indoor Hanging Banners in Toronto Trade Shows

Below we explain the four different types of indoor hanging banners. Our Basic and Economy models are cost-effective options that allow budget-conscious individuals to showcase their brand prominently from a 16ft height on the show floor. Our Premium and Custom indoor hanging banner offerings offer more choices in terms of shapes and larger sizes. Also, all our hanging indoor banners offer multiple printing options; for example, double-sided, as on the inside and bottom surfaces of rings.

  Indoor hanging banners Toronto

Remember: all indoor hanging banners require installation (hanging) services by venue management or show services.

1. Basic Indoor Hanging Banners

Basic indoor hanging banners are perfect for corporate events, advertising, or branding in any indoor or outdoor event. They offer an economical indoor hanging banner solution in sizes ranging from a minimum of 2′ wide/high to a maximum of 10′ wide/high. Several finishing options are available to facilitate different installation environments. These include:

  • No Finishing (vinyl)
  • Finished – hem only (fabric)
  • Hem and #3 Grommet
  • Rope and #3 Grommet
  • 3” Pole Pocket

Different display environments require different methods of hanging installation, and these various fabricating options will assist you in that effort.

2. Economy Indoor Hanging Banners

Economy hanging banners are, not surprisingly, an economical range of standard, simple hanging structure shapes. The customary economy aluminum tube frames feature bungee cords and come with a one-year limited hardware warranty. Simply pull the pillowcase fabric graphic over the frame and zip.

When choosing an indoor hanging banner, consider adding fabric pop-up counters. You may want to explore our various economy indoor hanging banners.

3. Premium Indoor Hanging Banners

Premium indoor banners offer the best quality and durability. Formulate combines state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase dye-sublimated stretch fabric coverings with advanced lightweight aluminum structures to provide unique design, function, and style. Master hanging structures are available in a wide variety of 3D shapes, sizes, and styles.

As with all portable display solutions, premium indoor banners can attract traffic to your booth space from the entire show floor. Remember that using a custom indoor hanging banner does not preclude you from also using a variety of other portable display solutions. They are all part of a family of products working together to put your marketing message out to the show floor.

4. Custom Indoor Hanging Banners

Pop-up exhibition banners are not essential to complete your trade show display backwall. But, like hanging indoor banners, they can serve as a very valuable accessory.

As mobile branding accessories, they can be positioned quickly and easily in high-traffic areas to drive visitors to your booth. It is a reasonable additional cost anyone participating in trade shows should consider.

Hanging indoor banners are more economically priced than their hanging banner cousins and offer great value.

Finally, outdoor banner requirements are best satisfied with a freestanding unit. Most outdoor venues do not easily make the hanging of banners practical. You can explore our custom indoor hanging banners here.

Let’s Explore Economy Indoor Hanging Banner Offerings

To make it simple, especially with the budget in mind, the three categories below will bring to life the available product offerings of custom hanging structures.

Economy Ring

The Economy Ring is a circular structure that is fabric covered; dye-sub printed on the outside; double-sided (inside of the ring); and with an added bottom-printed option. They come in three diameter sizes (6 ft., 8 ft, and 10 ft), with three height sizes (2ft., 3 ft. and 4 ft.).

Economy Square

The Economy Square is fabric dye-sub printed on the outside; double-sided (inside of the ring); and with an added bottom-printed option. It uses the same diameter and height sizes as the Economy Ring.

Economy Triangle

The Economy Triangle is fabric dye-sub printed on the outside surface; double-sided (inside of the ring); and with an added bottom-printed option. It also uses the same diameter and height sizes as the Economy Ring.

Breaking Down Premium Indoor Hanging Banner Offerings

Premium hanging banners offer more choices. They are made in the USA and fabricated to the highest standard of quality and durability. Premium hanging banners are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, including 2D and 3D options, and are perfect accents for island exhibits and event spaces.

Premium 3D Indoor Hanging Banners

Premium 3D hanging structures go much further than economy hanging structures, with additional shape and size options, as shown in the following listings.

Premium Ring, Square and Tapered, Triangle and Tapered, Convex Triangle, Pinwheel, Football, Rectangle and Hexagon

These indoor hanging banner styles are all made in the USA and are of the utmost quality and durability. All are available in four diameter sizes (8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft. and 14 ft.) with five height sizes (2 ft., 3 ft., 4 ft., 5 ft. and 6 ft.).

Premium Pyramid

The premium pyramid is also made in the USA and is of the utmost quality and durability. This style only comes in one size because of its unique shape.

Premium 2D Indoor Hanging Banners

Unlike 3D hanging structures, premium 2D hanging structures are just banner-style hanging structures. Their advantages include savings and easier assembly and hanging.

Premium Curve, S Curve, Flat, and Disc Indoor Hanging Banners

All our premium hanging structures are banner-style, dye-sub printed, and fabric covered. They are often printed two-sided. Please take a moment to review our wide variety of premium indoor hanging banners here.

When to Consider a Custom Indoor Hanging Banner

Uniquely designed custom fabricated hanging banners are used for tradeshows and all types of interior environments. Expert teams of project managers, designers, and fabricators come together to build and deliver these uniquely-crafted, superior-quality banners which are designed to last a lifetime.

Your indoor hanging banner environment may differ a bit from location to location. Local height rules and the type of building will be important in determining the ideal product offering and installation approach. This large variety of indoor hanging banner options will give you fabrication choices to best suit your indoor hanging banner requirements. Good luck with your trade show marketing strategies!

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