Let’s Explore Portable Trade Show Booth Display Categories

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June 12, 2024 |by sdg-admin

Let’s Explore Portable Trade Show Booth Display Categories

Portable pop-up booth displays are well-established and reliable configurations for Toronto trade shows. Models such as the Hop Up and Embrace displays have a lightweight Tension Fabric pop-up frame. You can also consider a more traditional pop-up concept, like the Coyote or Fabric Flag pop-ups. All come in full-floor models (8 ft. or 10 ft.) and table-top versions. Pop-up frames are also available for a portable trade show podium.

Let’s review these top-rated portable displays.

Three Popular Pop-Up Portable Displays for Toronto Trade Shows

These three popular pop-up portable trade show booth displays are easy to assemble. They also provide fast and stylish ways to display messages in trade shows, events, retail and other environments. They are lightweight, affordable, and collapse for quick storage and shipping.

Portable pop-up trade show displays, while simple to use and quick to set up, are often considered the best portable displays in Toronto. They feature many customizable options and come in a few sizes. They also have multiple custom graphic options to best convey your branding and messaging to your audience.

1. Pop Up Fabric Portable Trade Show Displays

Pop-up tension fabric trade show displays utilize pop-up frames and pre-attached graphics for the ultimate ease of use. These displays are lightweight and available in a wide range of sizes. The Hop Up model attaches the fabric to the frame with Velcro. The Embrace portable display is an upgrade from the Hop Up and uses SEG (silicone edge graphics) fabricated with a silicone bead sewn to the edges. The Hop Up portable trade show podium is also part of this family of pop-up portable trade show displays. Have a look at the set-up video.

2. Pop-Up Roll Up Panel Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable pop-up displays are an industry standard in portable display solutions. Coyote pop-up portable displays feature purple aluminum magnetic frames and high-quality graphics. Portable and durable, Coyote is the perfect display solution. This exciting original portable trade show display solution is now over 40 years old, so it has stood the test of time.

3. Pop-Up Fabric Flag Portable Trade Show Displays

Pop-up portable Flag displays feature a variety of flag graphic shapes and sizes with many arrangement options, resulting in endless placement and customization possibilities.

These stretch fabric graphics are pre-attached to the portable pop-up frame, making set-up, teardown, and storage very easy. With their versatile and simple graphic placement, you can instantly pop them up and take them down.

Optional shelving lets you display products and add messaging. Whether it’s a promotional item or an event giveaway, it will always enhance your visitor experience.

5 Important Considerations When Shopping for a Portable Trade Show Display

Shopping for a Portable Trade Show Display

There are five important considerations associated with selecting the best portable display.

1. Floor Space Choices for Portable Trade Show Displays

It is important to understand that the width of your contracted floor space will determine what portable trade show display you choose; for example: 10 ft., 20 ft., or 30 ft. These floor space widths are the ones typically offered at trade shows.

2. Graphic Options for Portable Trade Show Displays

Most portable trade show displays are designed to accommodate graphic content; often full scale vibrant fabric graphics.

The display’s printing material will also be important. Currently, printed dye-sublimated fabric is the ideal affordable choice for most portable booth displays.

When choosing a portable trade show display, it is important to consider your preference for graphic placement and the assembly process.

Please visit our Straight Tension fabric page for assembly videos. This will illustrate one portable booth display and how it is assembled.

3. Video Options with Portable Trade Show Displays

A short video presentation is often used with portable displays. Using video adds to your presentation and solidifies your message. You can reasonably consider using fewer staff at your booth, as the video will keep your visitors’ attention and your message will be more consistent. The Straight Hop Up Accessory 03 is a great example.

4. Preference of Appearance with Portable Trade Show Displays

The overall appearance of your portable trade show display is often a personal decision. Everyone will be attracted to a different and sometimes unique look.

Tradeshow Booth Direct has a wide variety of portable booth displays, including tabletop trade show booth displays. Tabletop shows sometimes require a tabletop display only, so be aware of that.

5. Portable Booth Display Options for Products

With a portable trade show display, it is obviously important to understand that smaller products are preferred, as portable backwalls are lightweight. We have 10-foot and 20-foot-wide portable trade show displays that offer shelving.

If you have products, you need to show them as part of your portable display solution. So you will want to consider some of our “show ready” kits to accommodate them.

Portable trade show displays may be the ideal display solution for your business’s trade show needs. Knowing those needs before you start shopping and allowing ample time will save you a lot of time and wasted expenses. Reach out to Tradeshow Booth Display for the best advice and portable displays for your trade show booth requirements.

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