Outdoor Pop-Up Banners: Your Choices for Outside Toronto Events

Outdoor Pop-Up Banners

July 14, 2023 |by sdg-admin

Outdoor Pop-Up Banners: Your Choices for Outside Toronto Events

Are you looking for signage for your business for outdoor events in Toronto? Outdoor pop-up banners are highly recommended, especially a freestanding retractable model. One of these two pop-up banners will suit your outdoor pop-up banner needs. Please review our product page here.

Types of Outdoor Pop-Up Banners You Can Expect to See in Toronto This Summer

Here are some of the outdoor pop-up banners to consider for your next outdoor event in Toronto or anywhere else.  

1. Thunder Outdoor Pull-Up Banner

This outdoor pull-up banner is large, sturdy, and double-sided. It is packed with features for added stability and utility, including two large twist-lock feet, a three-piece bungee pole, and stakes to secure the banner stand into the ground. A carry case is also included for shipping and transportation.

2. Blizzard Outdoor Pull-Up Banner 

This non-retractable pull-up banner is a durable, superior-quality display. Blizzard has variable sizes in both width and height, which allow for multiple graphic size options. Their large base provides stability and can be weighed down with water or sand. Wind can be very damaging, so this weight is a very important feature.

3. Outdoor Roll-Up Banners

Outdoor roll-up banners in Toronto (or anywhere else) are configured to work best in certain specialized display conditions. Just like indoor banners, they can serve as a very valuable accessory at an outdoor event.

Outdoor Roll-Up Banners

As mobile branding accessories, they can be moved quickly and easily to be positioned in high-traffic areas to drive visitors to your trade show booth. It is a reasonable additional cost that anyone participating in shows should consider. Compared to their indoor banner cousins, outdoor roll-up banners are less expensive and provide excellent value for your Toronto event. Finally, they are available in five different formats. 

4. Consider These Outdoor Roll-Up Banner Formats

Most often, outdoor venues need very specific roll-up banner material and fabricating formats. Consider the following different formats and finishing options.

5. Hanging Vinyl Roll-Up Banners 

These outdoor roll-up banners last between three and five years and can be fabricated with 13 oz. or 15 oz. vinyl. The thicker 15 oz. vinyl is sturdier and recommended for any outdoor roll-up banners that will be exposed to sun, rain, and other weather conditions. The 13 oz. vinyl provides the same level of protection at a lower cost. 

Choose from sturdy vinyl, wind-resistant mesh, or wrinkle-resistant fabric. All outdoor roll-up banners come with their corresponding standard sizes. Print on both sides or stick to one, depending on the visibility and branding exposure you require. Find out how you can narrow down the best outdoor banner printing for your business right here.

6. Hanging Mesh Roll-Up Banners for Wind Resistance

Mesh vinyl roll-up banners are recommended for extremely windy conditions as they have holes for air to pass through.

With mesh roll-up banner vinyl, you never have to worry about lost or damaged signs due to windy conditions or hear the noise of a banner flapping. With mesh roll-up banner printing, you can promote your products and services outdoors with ease. There is no need to cut wind slits that can damage your banner.

7. Finishing Options for Hanging Mesh and Vinyl Roll-Up Banners

With hemming, one common finishing option, the fabric is folded over and stitched into a double thick border on all sides of the banner. This approach to fabrication stiffens the edges, so it acts similar to a frame, and it keeps its shape when hung. 

The second most common finishing option is to incorporate grommets, which are metal holes added to the corner of each sign for hanging with strings or ropes. This reinforces the holes from which the ropes support the banner.

8. Pole Roll-Up Banners

Pole roll-up banners are perfect for displaying along streets, sidewalks, and other areas where crowds pass by. They come in tear- and weather-resistant vinyl materials that can withstand all kinds of outdoor conditions. 

Cities and schools frequently use these roll-up banners to welcome visitors to their town, institution, or school. They are also great for holiday and seasonal events, school homecomings, and sharing your town’s slogan. Businesses can also use pole banners in front of their locations to attract potential customers!

Pole roll-up banners are printed double-sided with pole pockets on both the top and bottom. They are typically displayed on light poles using a bracket system. 

Line the streets of your city with vibrant pole roll-up banners. Your street pole banners will be noticed by everyone when printed on your choice of durable 13 oz. premium matte vinyl or 18 oz. heavy-duty matte vinyl material.

9. X-Style Roll-Up Banners

Our X-style roll-up banners are made with thick and sturdy vinyl built to last for years. They are ideal for vertical displays that are moved around or stored after their temporary display.

An X-Frame roll-up banner is an economical way to display and convey your brand’s message professionally, with clear visuals and high-impact graphics. They are affordable, so you won’t exceed your budget or sacrifice style or durability with your marketing promotions. The effortlessly promotional X-Frame roll-up banner is a great marketing tool to captivate your audience at any business meeting or trade show. It is one of the best marketing tools for a cost-conscious consumer who still wants a professional display on a limited budget. 

The option of graphic replacements lets you update your graphics or have an alternate set of roll-up banners to swap for each event, without the hassle of ordering a whole new display unit. You can create a clear and visually-appealing brand message with an X-Frame roll up banner at your next event from Trade Show Booth Direct. Have a look at our product page.


When considering accessory items such as outdoor pull-up banners or outdoor roll-up banners, it is important to understand the outdoor environment and weather conditions in which you will be exhibiting. It is even more important to choose the outdoor banner that best suits your display circumstances. Otherwise, your banner investment may be lost if the weather becomes bad during your event. Get in touch with us for your outdoor pop-up banner or  roll up banner in Toronto. 

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