Portable Trade Show Displays in Toronto: How to Buy Yours

portable trade show displays Toronto

September 6, 2023 |by sdg-admin

Portable Trade Show Displays in Toronto: How to Buy Yours

Choosing a portable display for your Toronto-area business’s first trade show can be challenging, so we have created this simple guide. Once you have reviewed it, we think you will feel better equipped to shop for yours.

To help you face the task, let’s explore a few fundamental features and benefits of portable trade show displays in Toronto. Keep them in mind when shopping, and we hope this quick review will answer your questions.

Let’s get started.

How to Select a Portable Trade Show Display for Your Toronto Business

In searching for the ideal small portable display for your Toronto-area business, you must consider your trade show planning process. These factors are important to your decision-making process.

Space Size

The space you have chosen will be an important factor when considering your booth choices. Trade show booth kits are generally offered to reflect typical space sizes.

If you are just starting trade show booth marketing, you will often begin with a smaller space, like an 8ft or 10ft. This will pare down the many offerings out there.


Deciding your budget in sourcing your portable trade show display is important. This display is usually just a small portion of your overall costs in participating in a trade show, so your spending limit for this element will have been pre-determined.

When considering your total budget, remember that sourcing a portable trade show display is just a portion of your budget. Discuss with your team what portion will go to your trade show display.


There are several cost implications for your logistics when purchasing a portable trade show display. Choosing a display will allow you to allocate more of your budget to the booth property and less to logistics and on-site show contractor costs. Some of these reasons will soon become apparent.

Considerations When Determining the Best Portable Trade Show Display

Let’s review seven key items when shopping for a portable trade show display.

1. Your Budget

When starting trade show marketing, you will likely look for a simple portable display because your budget is small. But the process can get costly, which is to be expected, especially if you are participating in your first trade show. It is possible to outfit an 8 or 10-foot booth space with a pull up banner or two, a table throw, and a literature stand, all for under $1,000.

2. Important Elements for Best Value

What are your priorities when it comes to sourcing a small portable display? It could be graphic content, a media centre, or you may need to promote small products. Making this decision will determine the elements your display requires.

3. Pull Up Banners to Start

Multiple pull up banners can result in a full backwall when positioned side by side. This choice fits nicely when thinking about purchasing a portable trade show display. They are still very professional in appearance, especially if you can create some attention-grabbing graphics. Our Mosquito line of pull up banners are a perfectly affordable option.

4. Trade Show Counter for Your Portable Trade Show Display

You will want a standout portable trade show counter when completing your display’s layout. A fabric popup counter often works well and is affordable. It makes your prospects feel comfortable stopping by for a visit.

Corporate-branded fabric popup counters help in grabbing the attention of visitors. Even a creatively designed table cover can work very well as a reception station and does not have to cost a lot.

5. Remember Media for Your Backdrop

Media will bring motion and information to your portable trade show booth, and often the media player will trigger good questions, leading to a sale.

We have several portable trade show displays that incorporate a monitor mount as an option as part of the kit. We also have some very slick iPad Stands available for you to review that fit very nicely into a small space.

6. Don’t Forget Lighting

Spotlights brighten up everything and make your portable trade show display elements stand out. Remember to include LED spotlights, as they are the brightest and the best.

7. Literature Holders

Corporate/product brochures are an important part of exhibiting. Using literature stands or holders are a neat and tidy approach to managing costly printed materials in a busy trade show environment.


Remember, searching for a portable trade show display of any size at Tradeshow Booth Direct will be a pleasant experience. We have a huge selection of portable trade show display products with all the specs you need for download and file prep. Check out our website pricing and place your order online. Start your portable trade show display search right here!



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