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Stretch Fabric Graphic


May 28, 2022|by david-tsb

Stretch Fabric Graphic

Stretch Fabric Graphic dye sub printed graphic slips over the simple tube frame like a pillow slip. Differing from the Hop up frame it uses  a very lightweight aluminum tubular frame. Simply match the exact number to number and insert using  the handy button lock to secure together. Once the frame is assembled ( 5 min) is done, conveniently slip your stretch fabric pillow slip style graphic over the frame and zip up the heavy duty zipper. You are done and ready to greet your visitors.
There’s no need to worry about wrinkles with fabric  as the fabric graphic stretches and eliminates any slight wrinkles that may have come from folding up. You’ll be amazed when you place your display on the floor how slick and professional your backdrop looks. One of your decisions ordering will be single sided or double sided print with the straight and the serpentine. Fabric graphic slips a collection of modern, lightweight, slickly designed 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 30ft wide backwall booths and exhibit kits. Bringing together high-quality pillowcase fabric graphics with simple and  lightweight aluminum tubular structures. Stretch Fabric Graphic displays offer the ideal combination of form, design and function. You can learn more about stretch fabric display options;


Pillow slip style  fabric graphic elements are dye sublimated with modern dye sub printing equipment and processes. There is a fabric display solution for any space and need. You can choose from Table top models to full size floor backwalls. Widths rage for 10 feet to 20 feet to even 30 feet in some cases. Our Modulate series have several 30 foot kits. Take a look at just one example of a 20 foot configuration. 20 ft Series 2 Kit 02 – Tradeshow Booths Direct (tradeshowboothdirect.com)



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