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How to Choose the Ideal Trade Show Display Within the Toronto Market

Trade Show Display Toronto

February 14, 2023 |by sdg-admin

How to Choose the Ideal Trade Show Display Within the Toronto Market

Trade shows are a great way to showcase your business’s products and services. But finding the best trade show display booth, especially within the competitive Toronto market, can be a challenge.

Indeed, there are many options when it comes to sourcing and purchasing a new trade show booth. Fortunately, Tradeshow Booth Direct has a plan for you to follow.

Here, we will give you a workable strategy to find a trade show booth that is both affordable and fits your needs.

Let’s get started.

Use These Recommendations to Search for a Trade Show Booth in Toronto

It is important to give yourself adequate time to plan and search for your business’s trade show display and any relevant accessories. Check out these valuable suggestions.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time to Shop

Take your time to plan with your marketing and sales associates. This will ensure that you include all the important criteria in your search to source a trade show booth.


Gather your associates, marketing, sales, and budgetary staff for a preliminary discussion. This team input is critical in understanding what you need.


Industry associates can provide invaluable information when it comes to searching for a trade show display. There are many display businesses in Toronto with websites, so try to narrow down your choices to make your search more productive and efficient.

Initial Search

Make certain in your initial search that you allow yourself enough time and budget. There are many trade show display companies that will be eager to welcome you as a sales prospect and work closely to make your search experience pleasant. Others will simply push you to secure an order. Rushing to finalize a deal because you are feeling intimidated by a supplier will not work in your favour. Take your time to meet the fundamental requirements discussed with your team.

2. Search for Your Trade Show Display in Toronto

Once your initial search has been completed, prospective suppliers will provide you with brochures as to their products and services. Review these carefully with your team.

A minimum of three finalists is recommended. You can search for more, of course, but this will increase your time spent and is unlikely to uncover better sourcing choices and costs.

Supplier Search

Your online search may seem overwhelming initially. You may have found some possible suppliers in your initial search, but don’t limit your choices at this early stage. When shortlisting potential suppliers, select from the first page but not necessarily the first or second listings, as these will be advertising-ranked companies. Go with local Toronto supplier prospects a little lower on the page. You may find that the top couple are out of town. A Toronto supplier is your best choice when searching locally.

Collect Information

Your search can get monotonous. It is advisable to search in the morning for maybe an hour, take a break, and continue searching again in the early afternoon, and again just prior to finishing your day. Mixing up your keyword search will bring up different supplier prospects.

Whoever you request information from should reply promptly, professionally, and generously with information for your review. Insist on pricing information based on the budget information you have provided. Accessing assembly videos on a prospect’s site is a great way to get an enhanced feel for what is involved in the logistics.

Consider Your Supplier Short List

After reviewing the product information (including prices) with your team, you should feel like you are getting closer to your selected supplier. Don’t delay your reply to prospects you are considering. Get back quickly with your thoughts and any questions regarding timelines, graphics options, and any pricing concerns. This will give a potential supplier a positive desire to work with you on value upgrades or even further pricing considerations.

Select Your Supplier

Suppliers should be willing to meet in person for a close-up look at their displays. An in-person meeting should include others from your initial team meeting. A demonstration of the display, or, if it’s a larger customized display, samples of materials and graphic samples, are very important. This part of the process should make your final choice of a trade show display in Toronto easier.

Finally, engaging with an e-commerce site like ours is always a transparent and worthwhile search process. One menu item we have on our site is “display by size.” This can narrow your search very quickly. Please have a look at our “display by size” tab here.

3. Trade Show Display Accessories

Your search focuses primarily on the main trade show booth. But you will need to consider accessories like wall-mounted brochure racks and pull-up display banner. Accessories are the finishing touches to your trade show booth.

Pull Up display Banner

For instance, retractable pull-up banners are affordable, portable, and allow you to repeat your corporate product branding on the corners of your booth space. Wall-mounted brochure racks can be fixed to the backwall to keep your customers engaged and informed.

Please remember that trade show booth accessories are critical for a fully-functional, informative trade show booth.

In summary, take time to plan properly with your team so that when you search online, you can work efficiently and will be fully informed about your requirements. Often, we find that prospects who contact us are not quite sure what they need. We will gladly walk them through the process.

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