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Portable Trade Show Displays: Why They’re Popular at Toronto Events

Portable trade show displays Toronto

August 14, 2023 |by sdg-admin

Portable Trade Show Displays: Why They’re Popular at Toronto Events

Selecting a portable trade show display for your Toronto-area business can be a challenge given the variety available. However, if you take the time to compare each type’s features and benefits, it will be much easier to understand which is best for you.

That said, it’s important to fully understand what you need your backdrop to do for you. So, let’s explore the five main requirements to consider in your portable trade show display.

Let’s get started.

5 Advantages When Shopping for a Portable Trade Show Display in Toronto

Portable trade show displays Toronto

There are five important advantages to selecting a portable booth display for your next Toronto-area event, which we will explore here.

1. Amount of Graphic Content
Creative graphic content should be designed to quickly let your visitors know your business brand and service category. With an effective and clever design, you will be impressed by how quickly visitors lock into your booth space to ask about your services.

2. Simple Set-Up and Handling
The ideal portable display solution will allow you to easily transport it in your car and set it up without requiring help. The cost savings you experience from the process of shipping, on-site handling, and installation, often referred to as logistics, will be significant when using a portable trade show display.

When choosing a portable display solution, it is important to understand the ease of set-up and teardown. Fortunately, we have an assembly video for every product page which you can review. A creative backwall can impress visitors and draw them in for questions and chat about your services or products.

3. Potential Video Content
Video can be a major asset in your portable display solution. Using video fine-tunes your pitch and makes it more consistent. In fact, you can reasonably consider using fewer booth staff as the video acts as a precursor to a sales presentation, which often results in new customers.

Video production can be reasonably inexpensive, especially if you have the right technology on hand and a creative staffer. Fortunately, several of our portable display solutions offer monitor mount options to house your screen. Whether you use a continuously looping video or take an interactive approach, the video display can be a very compelling feature on your backwall.

4. Preference of Appearance
The appearance of your portable trade show display is very important to greeting your Toronto show visitors. Clean, simple, and visually powerful works best in attracting show attendees. On the other hand, they will be discouraged from visiting your space if it is untidy, small, overly complex, or unwelcoming. Your booth rep also needs to be upbeat and have a welcoming personality.
First, consider how the structure lends itself to your firm’s graphic design. We offer various overall shapes such as straight flat wall and curved (both concave and convex); serpentine (S shape) is also a popular choice.

Also, in considering which backwall best suits your needs, consider investing in a front reception counter to welcome your visitors and anchor your overall look.

Browse our wide selection of portable trade show displays for your preferred look.

5. Product Display
If you have products, you need to show them as part of your portable display solution, so you will want to consider some of our kits.

With portable booth displays, it is obviously important to understand that smaller products are preferred, as portable backwalls are lightweight. We do, however, have 10-foot and 20-foot-wide portable display solutions that offer shelving. Some kits are offered to include accessories, such as example shelves for product display and monitor mounts to attach a video monitor screen.

Portable trade show booths may be the ideal solution for your business’s trade show needs. But knowing those needs before you start shopping can save you a lot of time and money. It is always better to allow extra time to shop and carefully consider your options. There are many trade show displays from which to choose. So when we break it down to portable trade show displays and highlight those models, it will seem less confusing as you are aware of your requirements. We hope this helps in understanding your options and helping you through the selection process.

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