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Why Choose a Pull-Up Display Banner for Your Next Toronto Trade Show?


January 5, 2023 |by sdg-admin

Why Choose a Pull-Up Display Banner for Your Next Toronto Trade Show?

Many display and printing companies offer pull-up display banners. Pull-up banners are very popular accessories to an existing trade show display, but they also can be used as a main backdrop when your budget is not high. Many companies offer printed display banners, including many printing companies.

Display banners are very competitive but also widely selective in quality hardware and printing elements. Display pull-up banners are available in many different sizes and can be configured in dozens of ways. It can be very confusing, especially when trying to understand quality and performance.

Let’s get started in comparing the many options, sizes, and usages for display banners and outdoor roll-up banners

Main Differences of Display Pull-Up Banners

Are you searching for the perfect solution for a pull-up display banner or roll-up outdoor banner? It can be overwhelming when you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

Let’s unpack your options in pull-up display banners and consider the basics.

Pull-Up Display Banners


Pull-up display banners are a simple but valuable accessory to an existing backwall, but they can also serve as a primary backwall for use as a trade show display.

The function of your roll-up banner stand will be a major determining factor in your choice.

1. Back wall for Trade Show Booth Use

Are you intending to use your pull-up display banner as your primary display for use on your back wall in an 8’ or 10’ space?

If you are using it as a primary back wall, are you satisfied with a 59”-wide display in a single unit? Or are you willing to purchase multiple units side by side to fill the designated space width?

In choosing a primary back wall, you will be looking first for the widest width, as shown here.

2. Roll-Up Display Banner Accessory Use

In choosing a roll-up display banner as an accessory to a primary trade show display back wall, you can choose from the entire line of inexpensive roll-up banners. Have a look at the lowest cost displays.

Remember to check which models offer double-sided printing, especially as a valuable attention-grabber on aisles or corners.

It is also important to consider the intended importance of your long or short-term need for this display banner. The various levels of complexity will be important so as not to overreach quality or cost.

3. Cost of Your Pull-Up Display Banner

When considering your budget in this search, it is important to know that your most affordable options are our economy pull-up display banners.

4. Display Banner Logistic Issues

In choosing our pull-up display banners, you can rest assured knowing that handling, transportation, set up and takedown will be very simple. You will transport them in a car, and there are no additional costs levied by the show contract. Most importantly, you are in control of both installation and dismantling. No on-site material handling waiting and extra costs are involved.

5. Outdoor Roll-Up Banners


Outdoor roll-up banners allow the use of one of the most popular roll-up banner displays in all weather conditions. Options available are outdoor retractable, sand or water-anchored, and adjustable height banner stands for use in all environments. These make your exhibit experience very comfortable and productive.

6. Backlit Display Banner

The display includes a lightweight aluminum tube frame, pre-attached LED light strips, height extenders and zipper pillowcase fabric graphics. Assembly is simple and requires no tools! Frame bottom is weighted for added stability. Have a look at this brief assembly video.

Considerations for Printing Display Banners

On deciding on your pull-up display banner hardware, you will need to think about the following items in guiding us to the production of your pull-up display banners.

1. Graphic Content

For your convenience, we have artwork guidelines on our homepage and graphic specification templates from our download button on every product page. It is extremely important to follow art guidelines and graphic specs to avoid file rejection on proofing for your approval to print. Delays can be frustrating for everyone.

2. Proofing to Print

Once we have received your high-resolution ready-to-print file, you will be supplied a proof of it prior to printing. This is your final say on the content and image positioning. You need to carefully consider this approval decision.

Once the display is completed you will be advised on the status of your order, and it will be shipped to you according to the agreed-upon in-hand date.

3. Caring for Your Pull-Up Display Banner

Pull-up exhibition display banners are mechanical by way of the spring-loaded retractable graphic and need to be handled appropriately. Dropping or throwing the banner stand during handling could damage the spring-loaded mechanism and damage the pull-up display banner.

We have instructions available on our product page from downloads. Please review this very important information upon receiving your new banner stand.

4. Setting Up Your New Pull-Up Display Banner

Like all displays, there is a proper and improper way to set up pop-up exhibition banners. Please review the instruction sheet carefully and follow the guidelines.

Small things in setting up, like leaning the stand back when attaching the graphic to the top of the 80” high pole, are important.

We offer assembly videos for most of the popular pull-up display banners. Have a look at an assembly video on our website.

5. Takedown, Packing Up & Storage

Dismantling is simple, quick, and easy. Easy and careful handling is always emphasized. Just like your retractable window blinds at home, allow it to retract slowly into the base. Don’t ever just let go and fast retract without guiding it. That is sure to damage the spring-loaded base over time.

Storage in basic room temperatures is recommended. Extreme heat or cold will cause your banner stand to not operate properly. If it has been in a cold car overnight, give it lots of time to warm to room temperature before setting up.

Roll-up display banners may be the ideal solution for your business’s trade show needs. Understanding those requirements before you start shopping will save you time and unnecessary expenses. Please take a moment to visit our large selection of display banners here.

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