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Display Banners in Toronto: Let’s Look at Your Options

Portable Display Banners Toronto

May 10, 2023 |by sdg-admin

Display Banners in Toronto: Let’s Look at Your Options

A display banner is an economical display property for any business wanting a high level of portability, flexibility, and cost advantage at a Toronto-area tradeshow.

Outdoor display banners are double-sided, often retractable, and designed with heavy-duty hardware to withstand Toronto’s weather.

In examining banner stands you will realize that there are several approaches to their functionality in terms of how they are displayed. Display banners can be created as a spring-loaded retractable unit in a lightweight aluminum cylinder; a fibreglass folding frame for mounting; or as a fabric-printed, single panel-oriented static stand.

Now, let’s look at the various types of single-graphic banner stands.

Reviewing the Various Types of Display Banners

Display banners can be selected and used in a variety of hardware configurations.

1. Spring Back Fibreglass Display Banners

This lightweight portable banner stand is very easy to set up. In addition, it is extremely cost-effective; often pricing at $100 or less. The X banner (as the name suggests) describes the shape of the fibreglass frame. The L banner stand frame is also a configuration named from the look of the frame once set up. These fibreglass portable banner stands weigh about 2 lbs and store in a canvas carry bag.

2. Retractable Display Banners

Retractable banner stands come in many sizes and configurations. Widths range from 20” up to 60” and are often 80” high. They come single and double-sided and in economy units or premium offerings loaded with extras.

Retractable display banners are used in airports to direct pedestrian traffic; are useful for store promos; and are frequently used at media events, trade shows, and many other display events. Have a look at our retractable display banners.

3. Telescopic Display Banners

Telescopic banner stands are set up easily, versatile, and an economical portable banner solution for Toronto businesses. They are also adjustable to a variety of sizes, heights, and widths using the telescopic hardware.

These durable banners are ideal for tradeshows, corporate events, and as POP in retail stores and conferences. These portable banners are a perfect backdrop for use with media walls. Their ease of setup makes this banner stand a perfect portable display solution.

4. Fabric Display Banners

Fabric banner stands employ a stretch fabric banner and can be printed double-sided. Designed with a curved frame, this banner stand creates an attractive image and will blend in nicely with any other booth pieces you have.

Curved Fabric Display Toronto

Fabric banner stands assemble easily, and you can move them around your display space at will given that it has a very lightweight tubular frame. It is designed to accommodate an LED spotlight.

5. Fabric Lightbox Display Banners

With its ease of assembly, this fabric lightbox banner stand will be a bright addition to your event! Its aluminum frame and SEG edge are sewn onto the graphic making the graphic very simple to apply and remove.

6. Outdoor Display Banners

Outdoor display banner products are very similar to regular indoor display banners except they are designed to withstand the elements. This Thunder Banner is a perfect example of the design differences to accommodate outdoor display requirements.

7. Curved Fabric Display Banners

This versatile and portable banner style is based on our time-tested pop-up hardware. It features a choice of fabric graphic shapes and sizes, with many placement options.  This style of banner offers an optional shelving accessory; all other banner stand products are graphic only. So, if you have smaller products to display, this is an ideal display banner offering.

Curved fabric display banners are very useful display accessories in a larger Toronto trade show booth, especially a double-sided freestanding unit, to catch two directions of traffic. Individual banner stands are also a more economical choice for a backwall as they are available in 5-foot widths and work well in an 8-foot-wide space. Portable banners are very lightweight and simple to use. They are also a cost-effective choice for your next display event. Take a look at our curved and straight fabric banners here.


Display banners are typically an accessory item to a larger backwall display booth. However, it is very important to consider branding beyond your feature graphic on the backwall. Browsing visitors often are attracted by a corner banner or an upfront near-the-aisle banner. Use these display banners to your best advantage. It is important to consider display banners when buying a booth property.


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