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How to Decide on a Portable Banner for Your Next Trade Show

Portable Banner

October 12, 2022 |by sdg-admin

How to Decide on a Portable Banner for Your Next Trade Show

Whether you choose a portable banner and outdoor flag, a pop-up banner, an outdoor pop-up banner or a traditional roll up banner, you are sure to enhance and extend your brand awareness. Also, having this variety of options allows you to target a portable banner that works best in your environment.

Of course, your display requirements will differ by the venue. Whether you are indoors, outdoors, in a small hall or a large convention hall, your individual situation will dictate the ideal portable banner.

Let’s compare your portable banner options.

First, Consider Your Outdoor Conditions

If you are displaying outdoors, it is important to consider the following.

Weather Elements

The weather will be very important in your search criteria for your portable banner.

In a situation where the designated visitor area is not covered, you will need to plan for the possibility of rain. So, a portable tent/canopy may be needed to cover your display space. A flat banner can be attached to the canopy valance.

In case of wind, you will need to consider ground spikes or water/sand-filled base units such as the outdoor banner. In the case of an outdoor flag on dirt or grass, a ground stake accessory works very well.


Daylight may diminish as the event proceeds, thanks to cloudiness or the time of day. Thankfully, power outlets are most often available. To make sure your banner is seen, you should plan for spotlights. Go here for more information.

5 Portable Banner Options

Your meeting venue – whether it is indoors, outdoors or any other special space that differs from your familiar convention hall – will be important in your portable banner selection.

1. Portable Banners

outdoor flags

These are an effective approach to highlighting your brand enthusiastically and give your sales team a fighting chance to close more business! Portable banners are printed on vinyl and supplied with hooks and loops for secure attachment. They are ideal for career fairs and school sports competitions.

Using small banners can enhance an already informative backwall or be used as a standalone header at your space or table. It can include just a logo or planned graphic with more information about your company products and services.

2. Outdoor Flags

Outdoor flags are perfect for outdoor school sports, retail stores, community events, fairs, regattas, arenas, concerts, festivals, or to draw attention to any business front.

They offer a large selection of sizes, with materials and printing options. These shape selections include teardrop, straight, feather and more.

Shop carefully to understand the various products offered to make certain you receive the very best value.

3. Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners are a popular display in all weather conditions. They are the ideal promotional display strategy for outdoor marketing events.

Our fibre poles are wind-resistant and fabricated for the flag to rotate with the wind. This dynamic feature provides a movement option that is very important to attract the eye.

Flags come in three different shapes: teardrop, straight and feather. Heights vary from 116″ to 138.63″. Your flag shape and whether you choose the single or double-sided option will determine its final size. Ground stakes and transport bags are offered as options.

4. Outdoor Pop Up Banners

outdoor banners

An outdoor pop up banner is a stable, rugged double-sided retractable banner stand intended for outdoor use. It is wind-resistant and loaded with features that add stability and utility. These include a 3-piece bungee-assisted pole, two large twist-lock feet, and ground stakes to secure the banner stand. Finally, a hard-shell carry case is included for protection, storage, and transport.

It is important to remember these roll up banners are designed to withstand weather elements and their higher cost will reflect that.

5. Roll Up Banner

Also called retractable banner stands, this popular category of portable graphic banner is simple and quick to set up and take down. Shipping and transport is a breeze, whether in your car or by courier. Double-sided printing can also be a very important benefit, so don’t forget to ask.

Additionally, storage, shipping, and transport are very easy and affordable. A wide variety of widths and heights are also a critical consideration.

Economy roll up banners provide basic and essential design features and functionality at a low price point to accommodate more modest budgets. They are reliable for basic multipurpose use.

Standard retractable roll up banners come with a five-year warranty on hardware to provide coverage of any fault, reliability, and durability with ease of use. This roll up banner offers high-quality fabrication, cost-effectiveness, and has a very attractive finish. Standard offers the best value overall, with a variety of useful features while keeping the price point reasonably low.

Premium roll up banners are offered with a lifetime warranty for hardware fabrication faults. Many unique, high-end functional features make these stands a display property to last. Some models offer convenient quick-change graphic cartridges, for times when graphics need to be changed frequently. The higher end of the retractable roll up banner family offers many additional features that most users may not need. It is important to examine these three levels of offerings closely to choose the best option for your business.

We have an assortment of retractable portable banners to accommodate any display requirements you may need. These needs will include where your display is located (inside or outside), your budget, and how much functionality you need. Visit our site for additional information.

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