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How to Source a Portable Trade Show Booth in Toronto

Portable display solutions Toronto

November 7, 2023 |by sdg-admin

How to Source a Portable Trade Show Booth in Toronto

Selecting portable display solutions for your business’s next Toronto-area trade show appearance can quickly become overwhelming, given the variety of options available online. Add in the time pressure if you have a trade show coming up, and making the best choice can be difficult, especially if you have to rush your decision.

To make your choice easier, let’s look at the values and features to consider when searching for the best portable displays in Toronto.

Three Main Benefits of Selecting Portable Display Solutions

Are you searching for the ideal portable trade show booth display for your business? Keep these three important value considerations in mind.

1. Cost Efficiency

Portable display solutions are easy to both use and transport. They also happen to be the lowest cost type of trade show display, not only in terms of how much they cost to buy but also in terms of use and handling. Because you install them yourself, you eliminate the cost of hiring someone to do it for you. Similarly, transporting them by car does away with freight costs.

2. Simple and Quick Assembly

Portable display solutions are very easy and simple booths to assemble and tear down, so you can handle them on your own on the trade show floor. This gives you control and saves you from hiring someone to install and dismantle.

3. Minimal Logistics

Typically, when participating in trade shows, contractors are appointed to handle all freight and on-site services. This means that larger booths are subject to using on-line handling and labour services. Your portable trade show booth is not typically subject to these regulations at any upcoming Toronto event.

5 Features to Consider When Shopping for Portable Display Solutions

Shopping for Portable Display Solutions

There are five important features associated with selecting the best portable display.

1. Size

It is important to understand that the width of your contracted space will determine what portable trade show booth you choose; for example, 10 ft., 20 ft., or 30 ft. widths.

2. Graphic Content

Portable display solutions frequently require graphic content; often, full-scale vibrant fabric graphics are required to get your message out effectively.

The portable trade show booth material for printing will also be important. Currently, printed fabric, like a straight fabric display, is the ideal choice.

When choosing the best portable display, it is important to understand the ease of set-up and teardown.

Please visit our stretch fabric display product page for examples of the best portable display options.

3. Considerations or Importance of Video

A short video presentation is often used with portable display solutions. Using video adds to your presentation and solidifies your message. You can reasonably consider using fewer booth staff as the video will keep your visitors’ attention and your message is consistent.

4. Personal Preference with Appearance

The overall appearance of your portable trade show booth is often a personal decision. Everyone will be attracted to a different and sometimes unique look.

Tradeshow Booth Direct in Toronto has a wide variety of portable display solutions, including tabletop trade show displays. Tabletop shows are sometimes exclusive to using a tabletop display only. So, be aware of that.

Our most-often recommended portable display booth configuration is to use a 10 ft. wide straight fabric display for your next Toronto trade show. It is very impactful, with a full flat 10-foot-wide/8-foot-high image.

You should also consider the display’s accessories, which will impact its appearance. Most companies will offer prepared kits, including such items as slat walls or integral counters and shelves, which are not required. Offering prepared kits is inviting for you, as you may get a ready-to-go kit that includes selected accessories you may need to complete your portable display solution.

5. Product Display Options

When shopping for portable display solutions, it is obviously important to understand that smaller products are preferred, as portable backwalls are lightweight. You will find we have 10-foot and 20-foot-wide portable trade show booths that will suit your needs perfectly.

If you have products, you need to show them as part of your portable display solution, so you will want to consider some of our prepared kits to accommodate them.



Picking the right portable display solution for your business’s trade show needs is a learning experience, for sure. But learning about and considering those needs as you shop for the best portable display will save you a lot of time and wasted expense. See our most lightweight portable trade show displays. This will be a great introduction now that you know some of the options to consider.


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