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Choosing the Ideal Trade Show Booth Display

Portable booth display Toronto

November 7, 2023 |by sdg-admin

Choosing the Ideal Trade Show Booth Display

Portable booth displays are very common at trade shows in Toronto. There are many exhibit fabrications offering fabric graphics within the portable/collapsible categories, fabric walls, and modular trade show display product offerings.

It is very important that you understand what the different options are for portable booth displays.

Let’s explore them here.

Two Main Types of Trade Show Booth Displays

You can choose portable booth displays such as a Tension Fabric pop-up frame with lightweight fabric (Hop Up & Embrace Tension Fabric). These are mostly fabricated as an 8 ft., 10ft., or 20 ft. slip-on pillowcase-style fabric graphic backwall in a variety of shapes.

Our modular trade show displays offer more elaborate push-fit SEG-style fabric graphic configurations to enable you to choose displays larger than 10 feet. They also have additional functionality like shelves and monitor mounts, which make them more costly than their more portable booth display cousins.

1. Portable Booth Displays

Portable booth displays are easy to assemble and provide fast and stylish ways to use fabric displays in trade shows, events, and retail or other environments. These portable booth displays are lightweight, affordable, and collapse for quick storage and shipping.

Portable booth displays are simple to use, quick to set up and feature many customizable options and sizes. In order to effectively communicate branding and messaging to your audience, they also offer a variety of custom graphic options.

Let’s review the various types.

Tension Fabric (Hop Up & Embrace SEG Tension Fabric)

Portable tension fabric displays utilize pop-up frames and pre-attached graphics for the ultimate ease of use. These lightweight displays are available in a wide range of sizes. The Hop Up model attaches the graphic fabric to the frame with Velcro. The Embrace fabric display is an upgrade from the Hop Up and uses silicone edge graphics fabricated with a silicone bead sewn to the edges.

You will be impressed with our wide range of tension fabric displays.

Fabric Flag (Xclaim Flag Display)

The Xclaim fabric displays feature a variety of flag graphic shapes and sizes with many arrangement options, resulting in endless placement and customization possibilities. These stretch fabric graphics are pre-attached to the portable pop-up frame, making set-up, teardown, and storage very easy. Just instantly pop it up and take it down to make the perfect collapsible/portable fabric display.

Optional shelving offers you the opportunity for product display and additional messaging, whether for a promotional item or event giveaway. This fabric flag display will always enhance your visitor experience while reducing purchase and transportation costs.

Fabric Banner Displays

Fabric banner displays are easy to install, customizable with graphics and accessory products, and can be shipped quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost. They offer the best value for any type of fabric display requirement.

Stretch Fabric (Slip-On Fabric Graphic-Style Portable Backwalls)

Stretch fabric 8 ft. and 10 ft. backwall displays are the lightest of all trade show displays. In addition to being very lightweight, they are cost-effective in terms of purchase and transportation costs. They can be transported by car as they weigh less than 40 pounds.

Modulate Fabric Displays

Modulate fabric displays are an expansion of the stretch fabric single backwall product type. They are a selection of prefabricated banner kits that combine to form a large variety of display kits in 10 ft., 20 ft. and 30 ft. inline choices. They are very versatile, lightweight, and cost-effective while offering many attractive and functional larger kits.

 Master Fabric Displays

Master 8 ft., 10 ft. and 20 ft. fabric displays combine simplicity and style for an ideal display solution. These fabric displays are available in many styles, including straight, vertical curved, horizontal curved, and serpentine curved, with many additional options to improve your exhibiting experience.

 Designer Fabric Displays

As the premium line in the fabric display collection, the designer series features unique angles and offers stylistic elements to create sophisticated exhibit solutions. Designer fabric displays are available in 10 ft., 20 ft. and 30 ft. inline backwall kits. Our designer series combines lightweight aluminum tube frames with push-fit SEG and zipper pillowcase slip-on fabric display graphics for a clean, stylish appearance.

2. Modular Trade Show Displays

Modular Trade Show Displays

Modular trade show displays offer the ultimate in configuration choice while maintaining consistency of look and cost structures. This wide range of fabric displays uses standardized aluminum or steel profiles as a building base and can be reconfigured to fit multiple-size spaces and customized for any need. This series of modular fabric displays will be your choice when looking for a custom look, great functionality, and upscale modern looks.

Hybrid Pro Fabric Displays

Hybrid modular fabric displays are a series of upscale, modular, and reconfigurable exhibit backwall kits. These fabric display kits and counters are fabricated from aluminum profile frames and push-fit SEG fabric graphics. Hybrid Pro modular fabric display kits are available in 10 ft. and 20 ft. inline exhibits, as well as 20 ft. island displays

Vector Fabric Displays

Vector fabric displays project a strong, lasting impression on your visitors. In a trade show environment or at your next corporate meeting, a vector fabric display will impress any audience with its clean, modern appearance. Browse the offerings of backwalls, hanging lightboxes, and attention-grabbing towers. Take a look at our amazing line of vector products here.

 Linear Fabric Displays

Linear fabric displays provide an upscale, slick, and stylish look. These 10 ft. and 20 ft. inline exhibits feature aluminium profile frames, dye-sub fabric graphics, and accessories to make a big impression on any trade show floor. The linear fabric displays easily reconfigure 20 ft. exhibits into 10 ft. versions for additional flexibility, offering multiple configurations.

 Truss Fabric Displays

Truss fabric displays are a collection of reconfigurable backwalls. These industrial-looking fabric displays are easy to assemble, with no tools required. The larger 20 ft. x 20 ft. and 10 ft. x 20 ft. inline fabric display kits can transition into smaller exhibits, counters, and more. Truss fabric displays are ideal if your company operates in the industrial sector and you need shelving for product display.


Portable booth displays and modular trade show displays offer style and functionality. It all depends on your need for shelving monitors with modular trade show displays or just outstanding graphic content with portable booth displays. Look no further than portable display solutions.



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