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Modular Exhibits SEG Fabric


May 29, 2022|by david-tsb

Modular Exhibits SEG Fabric

Modular Exhibits SEG Fabric printed fabric stands out in our display industry. The ease of handling and installation is is amazing. Essentially the edges are sewn with what we call a silicone edge gasket, hence SEG. The silicone edge slips easily in to the profile groove. Modular Exhibits SEG Fabric backwalls are fabricated from strong lightweight aluminum and can accommodate a variety of accessories such as shelves, monitors, literature holders, ipads and more. SEG fabric is your solution to trade show product display needs especially if you are promoting product offerings.

For a simple, flexible and contemporary “shelf ready” exhibits have a custom fabricated appearance. SEG backwalls are fabricated from modular exhibits use standardized aluminum frame components as the basic structure, and can offer the feature to be reconfigured to fit many size spaces, or modified completely for any other display need. Also several modular counters are available to enhance your overall exhibit functionality, We recommend you have a look. Modular Counters for Promotional Displays | Orbus

These modular displays more affordable custom solution, modular SEG Fabric displays allow for unique displays with custom corporate branding options while being dollar friendly. Modular SEG fabric kits streamline the booth design process and offering for all types of other branding components or accessories. Take a look at this short video 360 degree view and very interesting to watch.

Modular Exhibits SEG Fabric feature top quality graphics designed with current equipment and processes. Our vast selection of kits are the ideal solution for trade or consumer shows, corporate events, retail display opportunities and many more. Modular Exhibits SEG Fabric is a unique modular solution for every environment and exhibiting need.

Fabric has impacted the display industry in many positive ways. Shipping weight and handing time is greatly reduced. In days gone by there were large plexiglass panels for backlit applications. Counters were fabricated from wood and steal. All materials that were heavy to ship and labor intensive to install.

It also reduces costs, and in particular larger booths on site handling & shipping, installation.

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