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Pop-Up Exhibition Banners in Toronto: Compare Your Options

Pop-Up Exhibition Banners in Toronto

March 9, 2023 |by sdg-admin

Pop-Up Exhibition Banners in Toronto: Compare Your Options

A pop-up exhibition banner is an economical display property for any business wanting a high level of portability, flexibility, and cost advantage.

Pop-up exhibition banners, indoor hanging banners, and outdoor banners are single, often rollable graphic panel that blends with display hardware of various types to support the graphic. Indoor hanging banners are frequently printed single-sided. However double-sided is an additional graphic option to brand the inside skin.

In considering these trade show booth accessories, we will offer critical product knowledge to consider as you search.

Let’s review the various types of pop-up exhibition banners, indoor hanging banners, and outdoor banners available in the Toronto marketplace.

Review Our Various Pop-Up Exhibition Banners

Pop-up exhibition banners in Toronto can be selected and used in a variety of hardware configurations.

1. Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are available in many sizes and configurations. Their widths range from 20” up to 60”, and are most often 80” high. They come single or double-sided, as well as in economy units or premium offerings loaded with extras.

They are used in airports to direct pedestrian traffic; are useful for store promos; and are frequently used at media events, trade shows; and many other display events.

Set-up is very simple, as is the takedown. However, the spring-loaded mechanism means that your banner retracts on the return into the base canister, so you need to be careful to avoid damaging the spring action. Many retractable options are offered on our Retractable Banner Stand page.

2. Fabric Banner Stands

Fabric banner stands employ a stretch fabric banner that can be printed double-sided. Designed with a curved frame, this banner stand creates an attractive image and will blend in nicely with any other booth pieces you have.

Fabric Banner Stands

3. Fabric Lightbox Banner Stands

With its easy-to-assembly nature, this fabric lightbox banner stand will be a bright addition to your event! Its aluminum frame and SEG edge are sewn onto the graphic making the graphic very simple to apply and remove.

4. Telescopic Portable Banners

Telescopic banner stands are set up easily and are a versatile and economical portable banner solution. They are also adjustable to a variety of sizes, heights, and widths using the telescopic hardware.

These durable banners are ideal for tradeshows, corporate events, and as POP in retail stores and conferences. These portable banners are the perfect backdrop for use with media walls. Their ease of set-up makes this banner stand a perfect portable display solution.

5. Spring Back Fibreglass Portable Banners

This lightweight portable banner stand is very easy to set up. In addition, it is extremely cost-effective, often pricing in the $100 or less range. The X banner describes the shape of the fibreglass frame, while the L banner stand frame is also a configuration named from the look of the frame once it is set up. These fibreglass portable banner stands weigh about 2 lbs and store in a canvas carry bag.

Fabric banner stands assemble easily and can be moved around your display space at will, given that it has a very lightweight tubular frame. It is designed to accommodate an LED spotlight. It is simple but affordable for anyone and is an effective form of communication. Have a look at our Spring Back Banner.

Indoor Hanging Banner

Indoor hanging banners are perfect for corporate events, advertising, or branding in any indoor or outdoor event. Banners are available in custom sizes ranging from a minimum of 2′ wide/high to a maximum of 10′ wide/high. Several finishing options are available.

  • No Finishing (vinyl)
  • Finished – hem only (fabric)
  • Hem and #3 Grommet
  • Rope and #3 Grommet
  • 3” Pole Pocket

Varied display environments require different methods of hanging installation and the above various fabricating options will assist.

Your indoor hanging banner environment may differ a bit from location to location. Local height rules and the type of building will be important in determining the best installation approach. These options will give you fabrication choices to best fit your indoor hanging banner requirements. Review our product page.

Outdoor Banners

For outdoor banners, we recommend using a freestanding retractable stand. Two stands we have will suit the outdoor banner requirement you have.

1. Thunder Banner Stand

This retractable banner stand is large, sturdy, and double-sided. This display is packed with features for added stability and utility, including two large twist-lock feet, a three-piece bungee pole, and stakes to secure the banner stand into the ground. A carry case is also included for shipping and transportation.

2. Blizzard Outdoor Banner Stand

This non-retractable banner stand is a durable, superior-quality display. Blizzard has variable sizes in both width and height which allows for multiple graphic size options. Blizzard’s large base provides stability and can be weighed down with water or sand. The wind can be very damaging, so the weight is a very important feature.

Pop-up exhibition banners are not essential to complete your trade show display backwall. But, like hanging indoor banners, they can serve as a very valuable accessory. As mobile branding accessories, they can be moved quickly and very easily to be positioned in high-traffic areas to drive visitors to your trade show booth. It is a reasonable additional cost anyone participating in shows should consider. Hanging indoor banners are economically priced when compared to their hanging banner cousins and offer great value. Finally, outdoor banner requirements are best satisfied with a freestanding unit. Most often outdoor venues do not easily make hanging banners practical.

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