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Sourcing a Portable Display Solution (How to Determine What You Need)

portable display solutions

August 31, 2022 |by sdg-admin

Sourcing a Portable Display Solution (How to Determine What You Need)

Shopping for portable display solutions for your business can become overwhelming, given the variety available online. Add to that the time pressure if you have a trade show coming up and making the best choice can be that much more difficult.

Fortunately, Tradeshow Booth Direct can help.

In this post, we cut through all the confusion and point out the fundamental features and benefits to keep in mind when shopping for your business’s portable display solution.

Let’s get started.

How to Select Portable Booth Solutions for Your Business

Searching for the ideal portable booth solutions for your business? Keep these important considerations in mind.

Space Size

It is very important to understand what the floor space is at your event. Your options are 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 20’, 10’ x 30’ and 20’ x 20’. Portable displays are more common, with 10’ x 10’ and 10’ x 20’ being the most frequently requested floor space sizes.

By understanding your space size, you can narrow down your search options. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Make your booth selection early in the event planning process. Show organizers often open the reserve process as early as one year in advance.
  • Ask your show rep about previous years’ attendance stats. You need to know the value associated with this investment early on.
  • Once you start looking at the floor plan, it is important to understand the importance of strategic booth space positioning regarding visitor traffic flow through aisles, corner placements, and 20’ x 20’ island space allocations. Traffic flow is a critical consideration.
  • On that note, make sure you are in a space that allows for good traffic flow. As an example, choosing a space near the main entrance is not a good idea, with backed-up crowds coming and going. Somewhere well inside the show floor is always the better choice.
  • Be sure to check out your competition by asking the show manager where they are located. Your positioning strategy is better served with this research. Surroundings can be very beneficial, especially near a rest or seating area, or across from washrooms. As mentioned, main entrance areas are not the best positioning.


To source your display property, it is important to determine your budget well in advance of the show. Your booth, after all, is just a portion of your overall costs in participating in a trade show event. In fact, it is usually a smaller portion overall. The main advantage of sourcing a portable booth solution is that it is less expensive than modular or custom builds.


There are several logistical cost implications when planning a booth purchase. These include getting booth materials moved into the show venue and set up at your booth location.

Choosing a portable display solution will allow you to allocate more of your budget to the booth property and less to logistical costs, as outlined below.

5 Considerations When Determining the Best Portable Booth Solution

portable booth display

1. Amount of Graphic Content

Creative graphic content should be designed to quickly let your visitors know your business category and give them a reason to stop in for a visit.

2. Ease of Set-Up and Transportation

The ideal portable display solution will allow you to easily transport it in your personal vehicle and set it up.

The display’s material will also be important. These days, printed fabric is the ideal choice, especially where weight is concerned.

When choosing a portable display solution, it is important to understand the ease of set-up and teardown. We have an assembly video on every product page to review.

3. Considerations or Importance of Video

Video can be a major asset in your portable display solution. Using video fine-tunes your pitch and makes it more consistent. In fact, you can reasonably consider using less booth staff as the video acts as a precursor to a sales presentation, which often results in a new customer.

Video production can be reasonably inexpensive, especially if you have the right technology on hand and a creative staffer. Fortunately, several of our portable display solutions offer monitor mount options to incorporate your screen.

4. Personal Preference with Appearance

portable trade show displays

Along with your smile, the appearance of your front reception counter is very important to greeting your visitor as you want a slick reception counter in support.

Tradeshow Booth Direct has a wide variety of portable display solutions whose appearances vary greatly. Beyond their simplicity, ease of transport, and cost, your preferred booth appearance is of critical importance.

First, consider how the structure lends itself to your firm’s graphic design. We offer various overall shapes such as straight flat walls, and curved (both concave and convex). Serpentine (S shape) is also a very popular choice.

You should also consider the display’s included accessories and how they will impact the display appearance. Functionality is important but not at the cost of a cluttered appearance. Most companies will offer prepared kits, including such items as slatwall, integral counters and shelves that are not required. Unnecessary costs could result also.

Browse our wide selection of solutions for your preferred look.

5. Product Display Considerations

If you have products, you need to show them as part of your portable display solution, so you will want to consider some of our show-ready kits.

With portable display solutions, it is obviously important to understand that smaller products are preferred, as portable backwalls are lightweight. We do, however, have 10-foot and 20-foot-wide portable display solutions that offer shelving.

Portable display solutions may be the ideal solution for your business’s trade show needs. But knowing those needs before you start shopping will save you a lot of time and wasted expenses. Please take a moment to visit and you will see that we have a large selection.

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