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Tension Fabric Graphics


May 27, 2022|by david-tsb

Tension Fabric Graphics

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Tension Fabric Graphics: with seemless dye sub printed graphic this backwall literally “pops up” instantly. As with the traditional pop up it uses  a lightweight aluminum frame. Initial “first” Set-up, and after popping up your frame you will need to apply your new fabric graphic to the frame simply by matching preset velcro. Once the show is done, conveniently leave your graphic on during transport and storage. There’s no need to worry about wrinkles appearing  as the tension in the fabric as it expands pulls any slight wrinkles out that may have happened from folding from the last show.

We combine style and speed, this display is the most popular tension fabric graphic display and makes it the quickest and one of the the more simple portable displays on the market.

Hopup Tension Fabric graphics displays come in a variety of sizes ranging from tabletop to full height 5ft, 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 30ft wide backwalls and are offered in straight and curved frame options. Find your next lightweight, impactful display today. When making trade shows one of your important marketing mix strategies you need to know your budget will fit, your message will be put forth professionally and your logistic will be straight forward and cost effective. The Hopup will offer all these important priorities for your event.

You’ll be amazed when you place Tension Fabric Graphics display on the floor and extend the frame that your graphic will pull taut at full extension to remove any wrinkles. One of your decisions ordering will be ends or no ends. Informative Video for your review.

Learn more about our tension fabric graphics display system and why it is one of the easiest displays to use in tradeshows, events and more.

Hopup™ Tension Fabric Trade Show Display Overview – YouTube

Site link to the hop up family,

Hopup Tension Fabric Archives – Tradeshow Booths Direct (tradeshowboothdirect.com)

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