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Choosing the Best Portable Display for Your Requirements

Choosing the Best Portable Display for Your Requirements

December 14, 2022 |by sdg-admin

Choosing the Best Portable Display for Your Requirements

Deciding on the best portable display choice in the Toronto area for your business requires putting some thought into both your trade show details and what personal graphics and displays you prefer. It is important to learn how to source the appropriate display for your business.

There are a number of portable and collapsible options, all of which are available from Tradeshow Booth Direct.

Let’s find out what they are.

The Best Portable Display Categories

You can choose collapsible displays such as a Tension Fabric pop-up frame with lightweight fabric (Hop Up & Embrace Tension Fabric), a more traditional pop-up (Coyote rollable panels), or Fabric Flag (Xclaim flag display). All come in 10 ft., 8 ft. and table-top models.

You can also choose from a wide variety of banners, along with banner stands in Toronto. These include retractable, telescopic, spring back, and fabric banners, and backlit event lightbox banner stands.

Collapsible Portable Displays

Collapsible pop-up displays are easy to assemble and provide fast and stylish ways to display messages at trade shows, events, retail environments, and other places. These portable displays are lightweight, affordable, and collapse for quick storage and shipping.

Collapsible Portable Displays

Collapsible displays, while simple to use and quick to set up, feature many customizable options and sizes. They also have multiple custom graphic options to best convey branding and messaging to your audience.

Tension Fabric (Hop Up & Embrace Tension Fabric)

Portable tension fabric displays utilize pop-up frames and pre-attached graphics for the ultimate ease of use. Displays are lightweight and available in a wide range of sizes. The Hop Up model attaches the fabric to the frame with Velcro. The Embrace portable display is an upgrade from the Hop Up and uses SEG (silicone edge graphics) fabricated with a silicone bead sewn to the edges.

Traditional Pop-Up (Coyote Rollable Panels)

Portable pop-up displays are an industry standard going back some four decades. Coyote pop-up portable displays feature purple aluminum magnetic frames and high-quality graphics. Portable and durable, Coyote is the perfect display solution. The exciting original and one of the best portable display solutions in Toronto is now over 40 years old, so it has stood the test of time. Please take a moment to view them here.

Fabric Flag (Xclaim Flag Display)

Xclaim portable displays feature a variety of flag graphic shapes and sizes with many arrangement options, resulting in endless placement and customization possibilities. These stretch fabric graphics are pre-attached to the portable pop-up frame, making set-up, teardown, and storage very easy. Just instantly pop it up and take it down!

Optional shelving offers you the opportunity for product display and additional messaging. Whether it’s a promotional item or a giveaway for an event, it will always enhance your visitors’ experience.

Portable Banner Displays

Portable banner displays in the Toronto area or elsewhere, are easy to install; customizable with graphics and accessory products. And can be shipped quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost. They offer the best value for any type of portable display requirement.

Choose from These Types of Portable Banner Displays

Completely versatile portable banner display products fit well in any size exhibit as a backwall option or accessory product. Banner portable display offerings can be used in many events, including trade shows, as well as meeting rooms, lobbies, corporate meetings, conferences, restaurants, airports, and retail spaces, among others.

Portable Banner Displays

Whether it is a retractable, telescopic, spring back, fabric or light box banner portable display, they will fit nicely into your budget and specific needs.

1. Retractable and Portable Banner Displays

Retractable displays are the most popular style of portable banner display. This is because they are fast and simple to install, pack up, and ship. This option is also low-cost compared to larger backwall portable displays.

Retractable banner portable displays can be moved around a display area for ideal set-up and positioning opportunities. They also neatly roll down into their aluminum base and protect the delicate graphics during transportation and storage.

2. Telescopic Banner Portable Displays

Telescopic banner portable displays are adjustable in both height and width. They incorporate standard variable features, are easy to use, and can quickly adjust in size for different display sizes and areas.

Telescopic graphics easily attach to hardware and are available in variable graphic heights for the best flexibility for placement in your trade show booth. These flexible displays also come in three graphic material options (vinyl, fabric, and polyester) and can be stored in a canvas carry bag (included).

3. Spring Back Banner Portable Displays

Xclaim fabric pop-up systems combine dimension and simplicity, super-stretch push-fit fabric graphics, and a collapsible black frame with magnetic locking arms to create a sleek, polished pop-up display solution. Utilizing a lightweight magnetic collapsible frame, Xclaim displays require no tools for assembly and can be quickly set up and packed away.

Xclaim pop up displays feature a multitude of graphic shapes and sizes, with many placement options to create endless customization possibilities. Super-stretch fabric graphics come pre-attached to the frame, making set-up and storage easy. Instantly pop up and pack down!

An optional shelving accessory provides the opportunity for additional messaging, whether it’s promotional material or an event giveaway.

Our Spring back portable banner displays are low-cost alternatives to other banner stands in Toronto. They incorporate basic design features, are extremely lightweight, budget-friendly, and come with a carry bag for portability. Tension display arms hold the banner in place to quickly display messages to your audience.

4.  Fabric Banner Portable Displays

Pillowslip-style fabric portable display banners feature dye-sub printed stretch fabric graphics to create a slick look and easy-to-read messaging. These banners are perfect for use in corporate boardrooms and retail environments, as well as at trade shows and other business events.

5. Portable Lightbox Banner Displays

Portable fabric lightbox display banners add brilliantly illuminated messaging to retail, trade show, and event environments. These backlit fabric portable displays include LED strip lighting pre-attached to the frame for ease of set up. This important information will assist you in deciding which type of trade show counter best suits your company’s needs.

There are many choices when it comes to portable display options for your next trade show appearance. We offer one of the best portable display solutions in Toronto, among other products, at the best prices. We help our customers by providing amazing counter options for their unique display needs. Take a moment to review our portable display banner options here.

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