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How Portable Trade Show Counters Can Help Your Business (5 Main Types)

portable trade show counter

November 11, 2022 |by sdg-admin

How Portable Trade Show Counters Can Help Your Business (5 Main Types)

Portable trade show counters have many functions. They range from being used as the main reception desk or side area for product demos to a secondary branding element for corners and side wall placements.

Whatever your use, you will find it on our site.

What Are the Differences Between Portable Trade Show Counters?

Their differences are determined by functionality, size, and graphic type.

1. Functionality

The function of your counter will be shown in our product descriptions or product details. The most popular functions are as a reception counter required for secure storage or as a portable counter needed for product display. Product display can refer to either physical products or to support various display materials such as tablets.

Your trade show counter displays can also serve as your lead generation point. This is where you have a guest book or contact form for attendees to provide their contact information.

Also, some counters come as a single assembled unit transported and set in place, while others come in flattened parts and need to be set up.

Finally, transportation is always a consideration as weight increases your transportation costs.

2. Size and Shape

The size of the portable counter is often very important, as it may relate to your available space. Also, shape or design will dictate what will best work aesthetically in the presence of your existing trade show booth properties.

The most common trade show display counters are oval, rectangular, tube, symphony, circular, or curved. While some counters are solid throughout, others have a solid top and fabric around the sides. The size, shape, and branding of the trade show counter you choose should complement your entire exhibition booth set-up, both in terms of functionality and marketing.

3. Graphic Type

Most portable counters use some form of graphic element. For this reason, it is important to understand what graphic material type is being used for each portable counter product.

The type of graphic you prefer will help you decide which counter is best for you. For example, if you want a backlit graphic then you need to look for a counter offering internal backlit lighting hardware and a graphic element printed on backlit speciality material intended for backlit branding.

 Choose from These Types of Portable Trade Show Counters

portable trade show podium

It is important to understand the functionality your portable counter will serve. The following portable counter categories will help you in your understanding and what counter type will best fit your requirements.

1. Portable Collapsible Counters

For your convenience, we have artwork guidelines on our homepage and graphic specification templates from our download button on every product page. Following art guidelines and graphic specs to avoid file rejection on proofing for your approval to print is extremely important. These kinds of delays can be frustrating for everyone.

2. Fabric Graphic Portable Counters

Fabric graphic counters help you to achieve your marketing and branding goals at your trade show. We offer options for a variety of shapes and looks for fabric counters that are dye-sub printed with your corporate branding graphics imprinted on the front, sides, or back. This depends on the shape of the counter, fabric configuration, and your design preference. Examine our shapes and size selections.

3. Modular Portable Counters

Modular counters are especially important if you exhibit throughout the year at multiple shows. This is because frequent use can cause wear and tear on lighter pop-up counters.

They also are convenient when needing space to hold a few heavier items/products. Secure storage is also offered with most modular counters. Finally, they offer options such as a backlight to further enhance your branding.

4. Campaign/Serving Counters

wall mounted brochure rack

When considering the purchase of a counter to primarily use with your booth at trade shows, it is important to note that it can be used for other purposes. These include company events or a reception podium in your showroom.

In some exhibit circumstances, including department or grocery stores, food sampling or servicing is a requirement. For weddings, parties, and corporate events, our serving bar is ideal.

Trade fairs and political events are usually smaller than trade shows, so the campaign counter may be all you have. This makes having the riser advantageous. Have a look at our campaign counter.

5. Fabric-Covered Modular Counters

Fabric-covered modular counters can be used for product displays. As noted, this includes both physical products and various display materials such as laptops or tablets. They still offer the fabric-covered dye-sub printed option for corporate branding. Storage is also an option, that most exhibitors will need.

Using a larger counter for your reception can be advantageous when welcoming your visitors.

To make a good first impression with your counter display, it should be well branded, clean, and sizeable enough to suit the purpose you intend to use them. It should also increase your exhibition booth’s visibility.

This important information will assist you in deciding which type of trade show counter best suits your company’s needs. There are many choices, but we aim to serve our customers by offering the perfect counter selection for your unique display circumstances.

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