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How to Choose the Ideal Trade Show Tabletop Display in Toronto

best portable display Toronto

June 12, 2023 |by sdg-admin

How to Choose the Ideal Trade Show Tabletop Display in Toronto

Tabletop displays are required for tabletop-only trade show events. These very lightweight displays are simply designed and quick and easy to set up.

Tabletop displays usually are under $1,000, including graphics, so they are very easy on your budget.

Let’s explore the best tabletop display solutions.

Trade Show Tabletop Displays in Toronto (5 Main Categories)

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Let’s explore your main options when it comes to tabletop displays at Toronto trade shows.

1. Hop-Up Collapsible Tabletop Displays

Collapsible hop-up tabletop displays are easy to assemble and provide fast and stylish ways to use fabric displays in trade shows, events, retail or other environments. These portable/collapsible fabric displays are lightweight, affordable, and collapse for quick storage and shipping.

Collapsible fabric tabletop displays are simple to use, quick to set up and feature many customizable options and sizes. They also have multiple custom options when it comes to graphics to best convey your branding and messaging to your audience.

2. Embrace Tabletop Displays

Collapsible Embrace tabletop displays are simple, graphic-oriented, flat inline tabletop displays. They are ideal for creating a commanding presence in any tabletop display event. Pair an Embrace tabletop display with an Embrace counter to add further messaging, branding, and storage space.

3. Xclaim Tabletop Displays

Xclaim fabric displays feature a variety of flag graphic shapes and sizes with many arrangement options, resulting in endless placement and customization possibilities. These stretch fabric graphics are pre-attached to the portable pop-up frame, making set up, teardown, and storage very easy. Just instantly pop it up and take it down to make the perfect collapsible/portable fabric display.

4. Formulate Fabric Tabletop Displays

Make a stunning impression with Formulate fabric tabletop displays. Available in Essential and Master collections, these tabletop displays are lightweight, highly portable and easy to assemble. Displays fit onto 6ft or 8ft tables to create an impactful and sophisticated display.

5. Folding Panel Tabletop Displays

Project a professional appearance without the fuss. Folding panel tabletop displays are simple to use, assemble in minutes, and can be used in many ways. With a wide variety of sizes and styles available, it is easy to create a stylish and seamless appearance for any event. Tabletop displays are available in a variety of configurations and can be easily accented with detachable printed graphic panels.

When you need flexibility, style, and an upscale but affordable look for your next trade show tabletop display, take a moment to review our selection.

4 Features to Consider When Shopping for a Tabletop Trade Show Booth Display

There are four important features associated with selecting a portable tabletop display booth. For a closer examination, please review the following short descriptions of each feature when choosing one.

1. Size

When considering your choice of a tabletop display, it is important to check the size of your contracted space and supplied table to select the appropriately sized tabletop display width. This is because your display needs to fit the width of the display table supplied.

2. Graphic Content

Most portable trade show displays, including tabletop displays, are designed to accommodate graphic content. That includes full-scale vibrant fabric graphics.

The material chosen to print the graphics on will also be important. Currently, printed fabric, like the straight stretch fabric tabletop display, is an ideal choice.

When choosing a portable tabletop display, it is important to understand the ease of set-up and teardown. Choose what works best for you to successfully express your business’s services.

Please visit our tabletop stretch fabric displays category.

3. Consider the Importance of Video

A short video presentation can often be used with portable tabletop displays. Using video adds to your presentation and solidifies your message. You can reasonably consider using fewer booth staff as the video will keep your visitors’ attention and your message is consistent. You could consider one of our iPad stands to facilitate a video presentation. Please have a look at our selection of iPad stands here.

4. Personal Preference with Appearance

The overall appearance of your portable tabletop display is often a personal decision. Different individuals have varying preferences when it comes to the visual appeal of a folding panel tabletop display, ranging from unique and unconventional styles to more traditional and practical designs.


Tradeshow Booth Direct has a wide variety of the best tabletop trade show displays. Tabletop shows are sometimes exclusive to using a tabletop display only. So, be aware of that as most often show organizers need to put limits on display sizes as they are working around limited space offerings.

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